Arsenal retained their five-match winning streak.

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Arsenal retained their five-match winning streak with a 2-1 win over Aston Villa to lead the table Premier League last Wednesday night.

Arsenal have made only one adjustment from the latest game. With Samby Loconga coming on as a replacement for the injured Mohamed Elneny. While Aston Villa have Ollie Watkins spearheaded.

Arsenal had an opportunity before 10 minutes, Martin Odegaard gave a free-kick for Gabriel Jesus to take the ball down and shoot from a narrow angle. UFABET but Emiliano Martinez dismissed. after narrowly

From the rhythm of the corner, William Saliba collected the second row before paying for Gabriel Magalles to break the chest and shoot with the left. The ball ricocheted the Villa players out of the back just a bit.

The gunners should be able to get the best again in the 23rd minute. Gabriel Martinelli opened from the left for Bukayo Saka to shoot clear at the far post, but shot with the right side that is not good. make the ball out of the box

Arsenal took the lead in the 30th minute when Granit Xhaka swept the ball from the left into the front goal, Martinez brushed it off without harm, Gabriel Jesus smashed in repeatedly, never missing.

In injury time.

Arsenal were close again when Xhaka headed Martinelli for a full volley. The ball will be inserted under the crossbar, but Martinez brushed a little over the crossbar. After the first half ended, Arsenal led 1-0.

The second half is still Arsenal who dominate the offensive game continuously. And have a chance to win in the 55th minute from Martin Odegaard’s free-kick. That Martinez must exert force to fly again.

Villa had some chance of possession and a 71st-minute shot from Matty Cash, who rocked and fired from the right-hand side of the box. But the ball doesn’t go into the frame

The visiting team had another chance in the next minute, Leon Bailey got the ball on the right side before strangling into the penalty area, Aaron Ramsdale forced to save the ball a little over the crossbar.

From a corner kick in the 74th minute, Villa scored a 1-1 draw from substitute Douglas Luiz, who had just come down. Kicking a stubborn curve into the goal, Ramsdale was defeated after being blocked by a Villa player. but no foul

But Villa soon rejoiced as Arsenal led 2-1 in the 74th minute as Bukayo Saka opened the ball from the right for Gabriel Martinelli to spurt on the left. 

Arsenal then ended the game with a 2-1 win, maintaining a record of 5 wins in a row and continuing to lead the crowd.