Techniques for drinking water Stimulates metabolism

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Techniques for drinking water stimulate metabolism

Who would have thought, just a simple way, just drinking water, can boost your metabolism, help you control your weight and stay healthy. Let’s see in detail how to do it. Let me tell you that it’s not difficult.

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drink water for metabolism

Research from the Institute for Public Health and Water Research and Virginia Tech University, USA, indicates that the water we drink is Can help to burn fat and sugar in the body. Because water causes body temperature to drop. thus increasing energy metabolism in order to achieve thermal equilibrium As a result, nutrients and energy are burned as well. thus reducing excess fat accumulation

Book to drink warm water to reduce body shape. Amarin Health Publishing recommends that drinking warm water will help the catabolism process work harder. The body temperature therefore rises. make the fat burning system work betterยููฟ่าเบท

However, drinking warm water will help speed up the metabolic rate. when drinking warm water The level of body temperature perceived is equal to the heat generated by the body for energy expenditure during exercise. Thus helping to burn fat and reduce body weight. And because warm water has a temperature close to body temperature. Therefore, it is indispensable to maintain normal body temperature.

In addition, even the liquid components of the soup The tea was still not warm enough for the body as warm water. At the same time, if you drink cold water, the low temperature will cause the stomach to cool down and its performance will decrease. In this state, the stomach is unable to distinguish between the nutrients it needs and the components it doesn’t from the food it takes in. until it finally becomes a burden on the body

HOW-TO drink water to lose weight

Book to drink warm water to reduce body shape. by Amarin Health Publishing recommends the following

1. Drink warm water after waking up in the morning. by drinking warm water with a temperature of about 40 – 50 degrees Celsius, 1 glass

2. Don’t just swallow. When drinking warm water for the first time Don’t rush to swallow, just gargle to clean your mouth and then spit it out. Because gargling helps to clean the mouth in the morning, this method can increase oral immunity.

3. Drink slowly while drinking warm water. Absolutely do not drink big gulps. To gently and slowly stimulate your internal organs, drink water slowly. A glass of water should take about 10 minutes to drink at its best. This exercises patience and concentrates on how your body feels.

4. To drink warm water that is higher than skin temperature or about 40-50 degrees Celsius, which is the right temperature. Because it’s not too hot and not too cold. This will make the chemical process that breaks down large molecules work better.