4 good sleep techniques that help the digestive system

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4 techniques for good sleep that help the digestive system, easy things, no need to rely on medicine.

Doesn’t work as well as it should during the night which sleep effectively will result in digestive system fully functional no obesity It also results in feeling good in the morning as well.

Then try to change your sleeping habits. To help the digestive system work better.

Good behavior will “Parachimatic Nervous System” that makes the body relax and return to normal, including controlling the functioning of the intestines to work well. It helps the intestines to digest food better while we are sleeping. but what to do is sleep happily Which has sleep techniques to help the digestive system as follows

 1. Soak in warm water

A warm bath can help you sleep. At bedtime, we should soak in warm water at an appropriate temperature, about 40 degrees Celsius, for about 15 minutes. When the blood flows well, we will relax. The body goes into rest mode. induce a deep sleep during sleep The intestines will work fully. If the house does not have a bathtub can be replaced with a shower But the temperature must be 40 degrees Celsius, which may take longer than normal bathing.

2. Determine the breath.

Rest by setting the breath in and out 4 : 8 by inhaling through the nose, counting from 1 to 4 in your mind, then exhaling through the mouth. Count in your mind one more time to be 1 – 8. The principle of this method is The breath should be exhaled slowly and long through the mouth. Repeat this method 10 times to increase the efficiency of the parachimpathetic nervous system. allowing us to fully relax both physically and mentally As a result, the gastrointestinal muscles contract and hold better.

3. Refrain from social media before bedtime.

About 30 minutes before going to bed, do not watch television. play computer or smartphone because the light from these electronic tools will enter the eyes Causes the chimpathetic nervous system, which wakes us up to work suddenly, and if it happens to fall asleep in this state, it will result in the parachimpathetic nervous system not working as it should. The intestines work more slowly. สมัคร ufabet

4. Time to go to bed

The golden hour of the bowel is 24:00 or midnight. is when the parachimpathetic nervous system works at its maximum capacity It is the time when the intestines are fully functional. Therefore, it should sleep well during 24:00, so people who like to sleep late. may have to adjust the behavior to wake up in the morning In order to go to bed early the next day instead of me.